In the spring of 2024, "Nariishi Beach Sauna" opened in Kotoura, Tottori Prefecture, which is attracting attention as a thriving sauna town! The sauna is conveniently located within walking distance to Nariishi Beach, a popular seaside attraction for tourists. The private sauna, which can be booked for two and half hours each morning and afternoon, can be enjoyed by groups of up to five people with reservations.


A sauna surrounded by the sea breeze on Nariishi Beach

Ever since the Finnish-style sauna "Nature Sauna" opened in 2020 in Daisen-Oki National Park on the mountain side of Kotoura, sauna enthusiasts from all over Japan have visited the region to enjoy a special experience in the great outdoors. In contrast to the "Nature Sauna" located in the campground in the mountains, here at Nariishi Beach you can experience a sauna in the beach, surrounded by the sea breeze. The fee is 4,000 yen for up to 5 people and is intended to be used together with family members or friends. We offer new ways to enjoy saunas, such as a drive to visit both saunas and "sauna meals" to fully enjoy the natural bounty of the mountains and the sea.


1 Nariishi Beach, a famous sightseeing spot by the sea

Nariishi Beach is a natural beach covered with round, oval-shaped stones, which became well-known because of the mysterious sound they make on windy days when they collide with each other due to waves. Along with its beautiful scenery that changes from season to season, it is also considered a place of good fortune because of its name, which means "to bring good luck" in Japanese.
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2 Rent a car and take a drive between the ocean and the mountains.

If you are visiting from far away and are considering renting a car, how about renting a convertible in which you can enjoy an extraordinary sense of freedom? You can rent a car at Akasaki Daihatsu, a car dealership that is located by Nariishi Beach, and it takes about 30 minutes by car from Nariishi Beach to Ikkoganaru, where you can enjoy the view and a nice breeze, perfect for a sauna trip.
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3 Satisfy your appetite with a "Kotoura sauna meal".

There are many delicious restaurants in Kotoura, where you can enjoy both the mountains and the sea. The Kotoura sauna meal map, which introduces gourmet foods recommended by the Sauna Department of the Kotoura Town Hall, is packed with information on everything from the famous beef bone broth ramen, fresh seafood, and local sweets. Going by car will also allow you to enjoy a much wider range of activities for eating and walking.
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  • Story 1

    Nariishi Beach, a sightseeing spot by the sea

  • Story 2

    Rent a car and take a drive between the ocean and the mountains.

  • Story 3

    Satisfy your appetite with a "Kotoura sauna meal".

Facility Map

How to Use

  • Step 1

    Please arrive at the "Nariishi Cafe" by the time of your reservation.

  • Step 2

    After changing in the changing room, take a shower before entering the sauna.

  • Step 3

    Relax in the sauna for about 10 minutes. Inside you can enjoy self-löyly.

  • Step 4

    Once your body is warmed up, take a cold water bath on the terrace and enjoy the sea breeze outside.

  • Step 5

    Enjoy a relaxing and blissful time on the terrace while gazing at the sky and the sea.

  • Step 6

    If you're hungry after sauna, try Kotoura local food. Let's go for a drive!

Compliance Matters
  • *Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited inside the sauna. Please refrain from using the sauna after drinking alcohol.
  • *To take photos in the facility, consent from other users is required. The same goes for SNS posts.


  • Facilities

    Sauna cabin (wooden, up to 5 people can enter at once), water bath pool, lounging chairs. Restrooms and showers (fee required) are located in a separate building. Parking lot (free of charge).

    • *Nariishi Beach Sauna is operated by “Nature Sauna” (Ikkoganaru Campfield Co., Ltd.).
  • Hours of use

    2.5 hours in both the morning and afternoon
    10:00 a.m. reception → 12:30 p.m. exit
    1:30 p.m. reception → 4:00 p.m. exit

    • ※Please note that the time cannot be extended even if you arrive later than your reserved time.
    • ※After checking in, get changed, take a shower, and enter the sauna. Please finish by the set time, including changing clothes, before leaving.
    • ※Swimsuits, etc., must be worn in the sauna. Those who do not wear them will be denied entry.
  • Sauna admission fee

    4,000 yen per session (tax included)

    • ※Please make a reservation and pay in advance (online payment). Details will be provided when you make the reservation.
    • ※Up to five adults may enter. Use of the sauna is possible from one person, but there is a flat rate.
    • ※Showers are available in a separate building for a fee of 100 yen per use (3 minutes). Sandals are available for rent.
  • Items for sale/rental

    Face towel: 300 yen (for sale only)
    Swimsuit: 300 yen(rental only/men and women・S・M・L・XL)

    • ※As a general rule, please bring your own swimsuit. Not all sizes are available and quantities are limited.
    • ※Gowns, bathrobes, etc. are not available for rent or sale. Please bring your own if necessary.
  • Facility summary

    Nariishi Beach Nature Sauna
    Nariishi café, 1929-11 Akasaki, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture

    【Business hours】
    By reservation only (10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 1:30 4 p.m., Regularly closed on tuesdays and wednesdays)

    • ※Some dates may not be available for public use due to events, etc.
    • Nariishi Cafe is open Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is not open on other days and times.
      For inquiries about Nariishi Beach Sauna, please contact our reservation center by e-mail.


  • Address

    1929-11 Akasaki, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture

  • Route

    <From Yonago Airport>
    ・Approximately 2 hours by train or bus (Yonago Airport → JR Sakai Line/fixed route bus → Yonago Station → Akasaki Station → 13 minutes on foot)
    ・Approximately 50 minutes by car (Yonago Airport → National Route 431 → San-in Expressway/National Route 9)

    <From Tottori Airport>
    ・Approximately 2 hours by train or bus (Tottori Airport → Koyama Eki-mae bus station → Akasaki Station → 13 minutes on foot)
    ・Approximately 60 minutes by car (Tottori Airport →National Route 9)


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